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Welcome to the most beautiful story of Italy, the government mistake that no one understood the government miracle of ” Pearls Pearl and Butterfly Benedette.

Open To Wonder, that English miracle Umberto Bruno of the end of the Book will remain.

All the fault of Facebook and Professor Carlo.

The whole planet speaks against a marketing campaign that I actually liked, ok, a historic Armando Testa agency is accused of making some mistakes, certainly a nine million marketing campaign, luckily Euros, at least they weren’t pounds.

Official Statements MaraDona EngLand after more than a month of the most sought-after image researcher. Umberto Bruno S.p.A. the meanest and most severe Italian Made in Italy Brand of the perfect Imagination. Profession Poet Anarchist of Web Marketing all England’s fault.

The story ends with a stop, so Venus will save the world, Women will save Mono this fucking world.

Who had to register the Domain and not only before the Campaign ???

I do not know !!! I think the agency to which the Government Giorgia Meloni Ministry of Tourism entrusts the contract for the Advertising Campaign I don’t think the President or the Minister or Silvio Berlusconi should be occupied who is not well I heard the Italian Master of Construction and Advertising, or Matteo Salvini forget it . So I assume the Agency . Or okay forgetfulness.

Step 1 Forgot Domain Registration



The same happens if they are purchased from www.MarketingToys.it, a small Tuscan company that makes the world of international information speak that does not know this subject, Zero I would say, in fact it is the subject of the English, therefore after losing the Made in Italy Top Umberto Bruno S.p.A. Mustache Italiano , Italy loses this game too , a small agency thinks they can make the world talk , but did not know the high – level Web Domain Matter called Band A , I do not know Armani DolceGabbana style !!!

Ok let’s give an Oscar to MarketingToys.it for having made the world talk about The New York Times too.

But it’s just a small appetizer to Materia. The MaraDona Worker of the Year in England hears this News as if it had fallen from a Star and first has a big laugh Billionaire of Happiness and then enters EXSTASI and dives into the Poetry of the World Wide Web to contradict everyone after these News discussed with its Secret Team of Women , PotereAlleDonne.com dominant sect at an intergalactic level , intellectual owner of a domain name search that no one has in the world , not even the English who are the Masters and respect Umberto Bruno .

It happens that . Buy in secret on the night of 04.22.2023, with Venus in her bed, the domain names www.opentomeraviglia.world and www.opentomeraviglia.one

End of the story . Think You ordinary Earthlings. Here we are in England. A Small Intelligent Italian Agency of Beautiful Tuscany cannot have this Trophy on a Domain Name.it which has very little value, but in any case Ok we recognize you the Italian Cup! But against Puglia Apulia SalenTo Lecce, no one can compete today so communicate it to all the newspapers You who have made too much noise about Nothing but not you as an agency for God’s sake, more than anything else them.

If the MarketingToys.it Agency knew Marketing, claiming it was a serious matter, evidently all the Newspapers that talked about it were wrong, newspapers wondering, how will the Italian Government do now???

Silence Guys, I repeat, only women will save the world which in any case will explode in fifty years, but who will save Umberto Bruno from the Extraterrestrial Women?

Official Demonstration Domain Name Queen Elizabeth Value, in English language 1 Million .world Extension in comparison to the availability Domain Same Name , Extension .com 5,500 Dollars.

So you do the Calculations Professors Graduates whether or not the speech related to the loss of the Dominion has been exaggerated a little, which in any case has its importance.

Today, not only for this reason, all the Web Marketing Agencies in the world can come here to challenge Umberto Bruno. Sooner or later, we are convinced, everyone will admit even the Tuscan Masters of Marketing Toys and I believe also the Armando Testa agency, however, women are enough for us.

Research La Sacra Corona has a bitter taste that is certainly natural, but in-depth Web Marketing is another Matter that in Italy nobody or only very few Women know about Mine !!!

Trullo Trulli or Citrulli ???

Pearl Pearl or PirLa???

Of course it doesn’t refer to the agencies I mentioned or to the magazines, they are just puns, the preliminaries before the most famous Instagram Gigolo in the world by number of women. Inventor of the NO LIKE POLICY, I DON’T CARE ABOUT LIKES, I HAVE WOMEN!!!

We thank the first section of the Ministry of Tourism for the free consultancy to all the beautiful Secretaries, Heads of Cabinet of the Minister, for the respect shown in listening to Umberto Bruno Ltd’s reasoning in the telephone calls, both in the ways of doing and for having recognized the deepening .

We also kindly thank the Press Office which in any case understood the reasoning, at least with regard to what MarketingToys.it and the New York Times talk about.

We did so by asking for confidentiality and immediately notifying the Government that we had saved Venus.

Always remember Women, they can be wrong but Women weren’t wrong and I would have forgiven them anyway.

You are the Men who do not understand anything the Newspapers . You have spoken without going into depth, without going to the bottom. Now if you have the courage, answer us, that for a while we hypnotized the Princesses of Minister Santanche’ who spoke with a MULTIPOLAR RESEARCH EXTRATERRESTRIAL.


10 OSCARS TO MINISTER SantanChe’!!! They still haven’t officially replied to us, but we can admit the Ministry employees are not recommended, Double the Salary!!! Early retirement.

20 Oscars to Giorgia Meloni for designating SantanChe’ as Minister of Tourism!!!

I will always love you infinitely!!! Either you will answer me or not. I’ll steal some Officials from me sooner or later.

Power to Women dedicated to Potere alle Donne dedicato a Valeria , Liliana e Patrizia , Francesca , Immacolata , Antonella Figlie e Sorelle la Tombola , Annalisa , Arianna , Laura , Elisabetta , Ramona , Sabina , Grazia and all Women Pearls & Pearl . .

All very interesting but we preferred the correctness of communicating.

In short, we then went into more detail with the entire Ministry.

Who will save now . Marketing Toys , New York Times , and the Armando Testa Agency ???

That you don’t even know? Most of you ??? Why don’t you study!!!

Always remember this , in fine shoes , there are superior ones .

The 20 Domains of Venus. To present Umberto Bruno’s 500. The Search for Platinum.

Now you go to MAC ( Conza } who has to go, that we could all be Dad’s Sons , but at least I will remain the Son of Dad England. In days we will communicate the rest of the search for Venus. Only with us can you have perfection. These are the rules of No Like, being less on Facebook in Ignorance and Studying more, if you do it with Women you will understand the value of Life better than many times getting kidnapped by futile enthusiasm is useless. .

CorLeOne Press Release

Salento England Colombia Cilento Puglia

UmberTo Bruno S.p.A. Italia Apulia Puglia

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